3D Visualisation / CGIs (Computer Generated Images)

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3D Visualisation creates photo-realistic images of your project.

Your 2D CAD drawings or sketches are transformed into accurate photo-realistic visualisations, enabling people to see what you envisage, and making your presentation really shine.

We can create the location from scratch or use some of your existing photography and overlay it with your proposal. We can also add texture and dynamic light features to your designs, and by accurately aligning the site with the sun,  illustrate accurate solar phasing.

We believe that high-quality 3D Visualisations should not be expensive. Whilst 3D images are timely to produce in-house, our team can meet your 3D needs with efficiency and panache.

You might need…

  • Photo-real images
  • Animations
  • Interactivity
  • Bid visualisations
  • Planning submissions
  • Photomontages
  • Solar phasing
  • Marketing collateral


See Hobs3D.com for more details on all of our 3D and digital services available, or alternatively contact one of our team directly over on our contact page.

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