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Use print finishing and binding techniques to add unique touches to your work.

With our in-house, complete range of print finishing and binding techniques, you can create cost-effective and efficient prints that make a huge impact on your work.

Above all, we want our customers to find print finishing and binding techniques that compliment their work and fulfil their printing needs. From giving your print extra protection to highlighting key parts of your work, we offer a range of options that will enhance your designs and increase customer appeal.

Print Finishing

What are the benefits of using print finishing techniques?

There are many benefits to using print finishing to enhance your work. For example, some of the reasons our customers love our finishing techniques are:

  • Enhances the impact of brand design
  • Accentuate key items or messages
  • Extends the durability of your work
  • Increases customer engagement and response
  • Makes your work stand out among competitors

What finishing techniques do you offer?

Digital Foiling

Digital foiling is certainly one of our most loved finishing techniques! Add a metallic or pigmented foil to your prints to create eye-grabbing accents in your work. Digital foiling is ideal for highlighting certain areas of your prints and drawing attention to them.

White Ink Printing

White ink printing is a technique in which white ink is added to black or coloured paper. As a result, the white ink creates an eye-grabbing and elegant finish that is bound to make your prints stand out!


Lamination adds a plastic coating to your print. As a result, your prints are more durable and protected from scuffing and cracking. In addition, lamination looks professional and feels great. There are a number of lamination options available, including:

  • Matt lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • Soft-touch lamination
  • Spot UV (high gloss finish applied to key areas)
  • No finish


Embossing is an effect that raises your print paper to place emphasis on certain areas. Similarly, debossing indents the print to highlight key features. These techniques are often used to highlight text or logos.

Cutting and creasing

We use our advanced die-cutting machine to score, cut, crease, and perforate your prints. As a result, once the prints are complete, they are easily foldable.

For more information on our print finishing services, contact your local branch directly.

Document Binding

We offer a range of binding solutions.  To give your document a professional-looking finish, choose from wire binding, plastic binding, thermal binding or perfect binding, and many more.

Perfect bound books

  • Approx. 20 to 240 pages
  • Similar to a paperback book

Stapled/Saddle Stitched Booklets

  • Approx. 8 to 40 pages
  • Similarly to a magazine, these brochures are ‘stapled’ along the spine (or stitched with metal)
  • Perfect for manuals, newsletters, catalogues and programmes
  • When designing your booklet, the total number of pages needs to be divisible by four.

Wire Binding

  • Approx. 2 pages to 340 pages
  • Holes are punched in the edge of the paper and metal wire rings hold the sheets together
  • Various sizes of wires available for different thicknesses of documents
  • A selection of coloured wires to co-ordinate with your document

Choose from:

  • Wire bind with clear acetate & hardback
  • Upgrade to heavy frosted cover, wire bind & hardback.

Folded Brochures

  • 4, 6, or 8 pages (or more)
  • A great solution for menus, newsletters, and information brochures
  • Ask us for some help in choosing the perfect solution for you.

Thermal Binding

  • Thermal binding ‘glues’ the ends of the pages and is covered by a cover, much like a paperback book.
  • We can thermal bind up to 25mm in thickness

Screw Binding

  • A classic look where the pages are drilled and the document is bound with screws
  • Various sizes and colours including white, black, copper, and nickel.

Binding solutions are ideal for:

  • Bids, tenders & presentations
  • Seminar training & delegate packs
  • Financial documents
  • Copies of legal bundles
  • Copies of legal documents
  • Reports
  • Market research documents

For more information or to request a quote, contact your local branch today!

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