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People will initially judge the quality of your food and drinks by the quality of your menu.

Whether you’re looking for a coordinated set with a Lunchtime Menu, Evening Menu, Dessert Menu and Cocktails Menu, or you want one menu to combine all your delights, our menu printing service can help you create the perfect menu to tantalise your customer’s taste buds.


Menu Printing Sizes:

Our most popular finished (folded) sizes are:

  • A5 (A4 folded in half to make 4 printed pages)
  • A4 (A3 folded in half to make 4 printed pages)
  • One-third A3 (A3 folded twice to make 6 printed pages)
  • A4 (2 printed pages)
  • A3 (2 printed pages)
  • 210mm x 210mm Square (4 printed pages)

Multi-fold Menu Sizes:

Our new ‘long-edge’ digital presses mean we print onto both sides of sheets of paper up to 120cm long by 33cm high. This is bigger than laying five A4 pages side-by-side, and much longer than two A3 pages placed end-to-end.

This increased page size and our digital creasers combine to create a whole range of exciting multi-folded menus with brilliant colour range and resolution.

Some more creative finished sizes are:

  • A4 landscape (4 pages)
  • A3 landscape (4 pages)
  • A4 Concertina (6, 8 or even 10 printed pages)
  • One-third A3 Concertina (8, 10 or even 12 printed pages)
  • 210mm x 210mm Square (6, 8 or even 10 printed pages)

Menu - Long edge

Menus – Protective Laminate

Making your menu even more luxurious with a laminate finish also means it’s easy to wipe clean.

Keep your menus looking fresh with a protective laminate, which will repel any spills and makes your menus wipe-clean.  Laminates can me matt, gloss, or add a touch of velvety luxury with a soft-touch laminate.  We can then add a further touch of luxury by foiling elements of your design!

We would suggest printing onto a 300gsm paper then laminating, taking the final menus to around 350gsm.


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