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When bids and proposals are being prepared, the clock is always ticking. Information is generally coming from multiple sources, with various points of view from stakeholders. This can invariably result in a last-minute, high pressure business-critical function.

So how can Hobs help? Introducing, AutoQ!

AutoQ robotically completes most of the transition work in converting formatted Word files to InDesign in record time. By automating the design elements of the process AutoQ saves up to 95% of time compared to manual processes.

AutoQ improves this preparation process. We can free up your time and manage any changes with automation, that delivers the highest quality designed document; even when time has run short. When preparing bid or proposal documents, most teams will use Microsoft Word for authoring and, where a graphics package is used, Adobe InDesign.

We have developed a range of technologies which allows teams to take a Word document through an automated process which effortlessly flows into InDesign, facilitating a polished, professional looking document.

These automation solutions are; one for teams that need to work exclusively in Word, and the other for those who wish to take advantage of the higher quality documents that InDesign can produce, without having to use it themselves.

Read our full guide below for more information:

AutoQ – Automation: Changing the state of play

AutoQ enables your team to pursue more opportunities to deliver growth. If your team is interested in reducing the time it takes to produce winning documents whilst improving your win rate by 28%, get in touch today.

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