Digital Wallpaper

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Digital Wallpaper – bring your walls to life!

Combining creativity with digital innovation, our reprographics experts can produce superior-quality, bespoke digital wallpaper to fit any size or shape.

Ideal for tier one contractors and developers, creative design agencies, offices, studios or even your home, our digital wallpapers are perfect for representing brands and developments, or simply to add a little extra vibrancy to brighten up your space.

Using our high-definition printers, we can produce tailored designs to transform your ordinary spaces into brand new, visually appealing environments. Whether you’re looking to showcase a custom design, photograph or illustration, we can provide you with a personalised wallpaper that truly reflects your personality – meaning you won’t have to depend on pre-printed patterns any longer.

With two main printers, our team consistently produce superior grade wall coverings that are durable and long-lasting. Our high-grade Arizona printer is ideal for printing large-scale photographs, and produces a waterproof covering that gives you the freedom to decorate both inside and outside; and thanks to our high-quality ink, you won’t have to worry about your prints fading before their time.

Taking a more environmentally friendly approach, our Latex printer provides both excellent-quality prints and releases significantly less toxins during use; making it much better for the environment.

With limitless possibilities on offer, we can help you to expand your artistic flair. Thanks to our first-rate materials, we ensure that our digital wallpaper is just as durable and long lasting as conventional wall coverings – giving you peace of mind that your brand-new wallpaper has been made to last.


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