Architectural Model Making

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Architectural Model Making

By combining our 3D printing service with traditional model making we can produce highly accurate and cost-effective architectural models in a fraction of the time of traditional model making techniques.

AEC firms, large and small, have adopted 3D printing as a critical part of the schematic design, design development and project delivery.  We can produce white, clear and full-colour physical Architectural Models quickly and easily from 3D CAD, BIM and other digital data.


  • Full Architectural Model Making Service
  • 3D print conceptual models in 24hrs or less
  • 3D print Architectural Models in full colour
  • Combine 3D printed models with traditional model making touches
  • Finishing can include landscaping or lighting
  • Produce more affordable presentation models quicker
  • Bespoke boxes or display cases and covers


See for more details on all our 3D and digital services for the construction sector.

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