3D Printing Service

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A 24 hour turnaround service with the latest in 3D print technology.

With a large selection of rapid prototyping technologies at our disposal we can 3D print accurate, colour and detailed scaled models in various durable materials. With over ten years of experience in 3D printing models for the architectural and design industry we are confident that we can produce any 3D model. We combine the latest 3D printing technologies with traditional model making to produce anything from a basic conceptual model to an expertly finished and detailed marketing model.

Our highly trained design team prepare files for printing by using the latest file fixing software to analyse, fix and hollow parts where necessary to save on cost of consumables and ultimately the final cost of the model.

Should you not have a 3D file for print our experienced CAD team can convert your 2D drawings or laser scanned ‘point cloud’ data, enabling you to visualise your design in 3D and further enhance your presentations, whether at conceptual or marketing stage.  See 3D Design for more information.

As we are a service based company we understand the importance of delivering models on time and under tight deadlines. We offer an overnight turnaround service on our 3D printed models or 5-10 days on models with additional handmade finishes.


  • Latest 3D Print Technology
  • 5x-10x faster than other technologies
  • Output multiple models in hours, not days
  • Full 24-bit colour, can produce millions of distinct colours
  • Uniquely Multicolour –  Realistic models without paint
  • Lowest operating cost (1/5 of other technologies)
  • Unused materials are recycled for next build, eliminating waste
  • Large Build Volume – no need to combine parts
  • Print text labels and images directly onto printed models

Our technologies:

We have various 3D printing technologies for creating different kinds of models, includign the largest SLA (Steroelithography) 3D printer in the UK. If you’d like to discuss which is best for you then please just get in touch at HobsStudio.com for more details on all our 3D and digital services for the construction sector.


Colour jet 3D printing

The world’s fastest and most affordable 3D printer can produce colour models in a matter of hours:

  • fastest print speed – 28mm per hour
  • uniquely multicolour – CMYK and true black produce 1 million colours
  • high resolution – built in 100 micron layers, 600 x 540dpi
  • large build volume – 380 x 250 x 200mm
  • larger sizes can be achieved by printing in sections

Ideal for:

  • architectural models
  • improving communication and speed to construction
  • product / concept design – hold a realistic colour model in your hand to evaluate and refine designs


Multi jet 3D printing

High quality functional 3D printing of durable plastic parts:

  • high resolution – HD 16 micron layers
  • toughness
  • high temperature resistance
  • functional moving parts
  • biocompatible
  • large build volume – 298 x 185 x 203mm

Ideal for:

  • engineering and mechanical design applications
  • form and fit, rapid tooling, manufacturing
  • medical – biocompatible material for maxillofacial surgery
  • dental – precision crown and bridge dental models

Stereolithography 3D Printing (SLA)

Produce large models with precise accuracy and superior surface finish

  • sharp edges, best surface finish available
  • transparent resin parts
  • biocompatible
  • accuracy 0.1mm per 100m
  • large build volume – 750 x 650 x 550mm

Ideal for:

  • Components for architectural model makers – smooth finish allows for less post production prior to painting
  • injection moulding and vacuum casting
  • automotive
  • functional parts for fit.


Send your files to us by email or upload them and we will quote you for your project.  Upload them at:


We can produce most models in 24hrs from receipt of your STL file.  If you do not have an STL file ready we can convert from your native 3D CAD files or prepare one from paper drawings or 2D DWG’s.  See 3D Design for more information on this conversion service.


See HobsStudio.com for more details on all our 3D and digital services for the construction sector.


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