An ultra-modern document management system which helps to speed up the retrieval of relevant content
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Cut the corners of scanning costs with Hobs Exchange - go paperless and digitise your files
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Our Exchange team specialises in high-volume document scanning, archiving & document management.
Our graphic design team have hundreds of ideas to help you communicate your ideas clearly.
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Documents come in many formats and managing them all can be challenging.

Centralising your information into a single cohesive source can often be an arduous and time-consuming task. We have a suite of Document Management solutions for every situation that involves storing, scanning, filing, retrieving or collaborating your documents. These include both Corner Cut and Hobshare.

Advantages of Document Management Systems:

  • Reduced operational costs and administration time
  • Easy, instant access to information
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient workflow and distribution of information
  • Minimise risk – damaged, lost, out of date documents
  • Complies with governments regulation on legal admissibility

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We have provided document control assistance on many projects, including Wembley Stadium and Peterborough Hospitals and will always be available for support in this area, even in times of immediate and short-term bases.