Bid Innovations: Content Management

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Do you struggle to find the right content for your proposals and tender documents? Are you producing similar documents again and again, feeling that there has to be a better way to do things? Are you collating a large document and can’t keep track? A content management system could be the answer.

You need up to date, high quality content to produce great documents, but content management systems can easily get out of date. Hobs can help!

Hobs provide content management and content governance solutions, making your content easy to find and ensuring that it’s always up to date. To do this, we have partnered with Qvidian, the premier provider of cloud-based content management and proposal automation software.

Why Qvidian Content Management?

Qvidian is a content management system that helps you quickly build quality documents. It provides a content library, content governance and an automated document builder.

The content library puts all your best content right at your fingertips in a secure, searchable online library. We do all the hard work checking that everything is up to date and in the right place, leaving you free to get on with the job of preparing your documents.

Many proposals and presentations require similar core content to be adapted to suit the specific client. Qvidian does just that. You simply select from a range of options and the software produces automated documents to suit your requirements – saving your business valuable time and money.

Wrapped around this is a transparent governance process, to ensure that you can be confident you’re using the latest approved content throughout your document.

Qvidian is easy to use and navigate, making it a practical and cost effective choice.

Why Hobs and Qvidian?

We are the only European reseller of Qvidian, offering not just the content management system but a full management and governance service, as well as on-going support and training.

Hobs will take care of governance and maintenance, making sure all content is up to date, flagging any issues and drawing in new content where appropriate. This means you just log on, access the content you need and log off again. We can provide any number of licences, so you can buy just the support you need with no long-term commitment – providing greater flexibility to suit your business.

If you’re interested in Qvidian, we’d be very happy to arrange a demonstration of how it works and how it could support your business. Please get in touch with us at