Direct Mailing

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Direct Mail can be anything from a simple postcard to a letter or a catalogue sent through the post.

We can complete your direct mail from concept though design, printing, and to fulfilment and posting, just like a mailing house.

The advantages of Direct Mailing

In a world where people are bombarded by e-mails, getting a personalised piece of post can help you capture your customer’s attention.  Physical print is immediate, durable and tactile.

Sending a postcard means your message is in your customer’s homes or office, straight into their hands.  It can’t be turned off or deleted with one click.

What would engage your customers most?

Hobs Direct Mail Service

We have a whole world of printing possibilities:

  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Folders

Combine these with Variable Data printing (where we merge to customers details into the artwork), CD Duplication, and bespoke printing solutions, there are endless possibilities!

Our Graphic Design team can work with you to create the exact mailing you need.

Just leave it to Hobs!

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