CAD Drawing & Plan Printing

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Hobs was founded on a Plan Printing service and we have ensured our leading service is maintained.

We take your CAD Drawing files and print them in colour or black & white, fold to A4 and collate into sets as required.

We accept all common file formats – AutoCad, .dxf, .plt, .tif, .dwg, .dgn, .pdf – and many more.

Up to A0 printing, we’ve an extensive portfolio of media to print onto including: matt, gloss, tracing paper, drafting film, dayglo fluorescent papers, cartridge paper, bond paper, back lit film, watercolour, vinyl, banner, mesh or canvas etc.

For Material samples contact your local Hobs.

Key Features of our Plan printing:

  • Fast turnaround on A0 Printing
  • Outstanding photographic reproduction in 2400dpi full colour (CMYK) format for graphic digital files using inkjet technology
  • We fold your A0 CAD Drawings to A4 for you or roll them then collate into sets
  • Accurate enlargements (up to A0) and reductions
  • Specialised high speed, wide format printers
  • Flexibility and superior services
  • Competitive prices with no compromise on quality
  • CAD plotting by highly trained operators
  • Our couriers deliver your work quickly, directly to you or to the door/desk of your choice via the Hobs national network, anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

For CAD Plan copying and scanning see Large Format Reprographics.


Can you convert my drawings to editable files?

Yes – See our vectorisation page


Can you convert 2D files to 3D models?

Yes – See our 3D Design page