Bespoke Boxes

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Stand out from the competition

When creating your bid, tender submission or product presentation, we understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd. You want your proposal to shine and make that lasting impression. Offering you a whole new level of creativity, our truly unique, hand-made bespoke boxes give that extra bit of impact.

As the masters of creating bespoke boxes, we have limitless customisation possibilities to match your brand and vision.

With our cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed knowledge, we can shape your box to represent buildings, show off your brand, highlight a stylistic feature and enhance your message. We can also print onto a wide range of materials, and add interactive digital screens with videos and animations to ensure your ideas are delivered with panache.

Rest assured, our print and design experts will meet your exact requirements and can include the finest details to make sure your bespoke box delivers the ‘wow’ factor, both inside and out.

The options are endless, but here are some ideas:

  • Print onto plastics and metals
  • Print onto fabrics
  • Shape the box to represent a building or highlight a feature
  • Replicate building materials within the box
  • Incorporate digital screens with videos and animations
  • Include 3D printed models, CGI’s and lighting
  • Custom cut foam inlays for samples or branded USB sticks.

Need some more inspiration?

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Contact your local Hobs branch to discuss or find out more about this unique and exciting new service; together we can create something special.