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Everyone has something important to say and conveying your message is vital. We have hundreds of Marketing Tools, ideas and solutions to help you communicate your message clearly.

Print definitley isn’t dead. In fact, more and more customers see print as a luxury item to be kept. Print is a tactile way to grab your audiences attention. Below are some simple ideas to get you thinking. We can print anything at any size, and print onto materials including wood, plastics, glass, slate and fabrics. Take a look at our ideas:

Strut Cards

Printed onto 170gsm silk mounted onto thick (2000micron) card with a strut on the back to stand it up.  Available in any size but most often A5, A4 and A3.

Swing Tickets

It’s not just the 60’s that were swinging!  Traditionally used on clothes or as tags on presents, but can be used on anything where you need to add a message. Our swing tickets can be any size and shape and are drilled with a hole to allow them to be attached.  And to swing!


Our bookmarks (or unusually shaped flyers) are printed (onto 350gsm stock) in full colour on both sides.  We can produce different sizes if required, and there is an option to add tassles.

Calendar Printing / CD Case Calendars

Things that people keep on their desks are powerful reminders of your message.  Our CD calendars are personalised with your information and come with 13 full colour leaves.  The most popular sizes are:

  • CD case (119mm x 138mm x 8mm)
  • Mini CD (98mm x 98mm x 9mm)
  • Larger Landscape (190mm x 111mm x 8mm)

A6 Wobblers

Wibble wobble away!  The message that you can’t help but notice. These A6 cards are printed onto sturdy card then a flexible strip is added to attach them to a shelf or wall.  Wibble!

Some printing ideas for the Retail, Hospitality, and Leisure sectors:

Table Top Talkers

A conversation piece at your event, or add a laminate to make a menu.

Place Mats

Get your customers reading your message while they wait for their food.

Receipt Holders

A6 Receipt Holders with die-cut slits hold the receipt and present it perfectly.

Beers Mats

Traditional Square (94mm with rounder corners) or circular printed onto pulpboard


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