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Whatever you need to say, a booklet or brochure is the ideal way to combine your perfect text with your beautiful images to create a lasting reminder of your message.

We offer a limitless range of full-colour booklets or brochures which are all great value.  There are a huge range of paper weights (or thicknesses) and paper finishes to choose from to complement your artwork.  For maximum impact add a thicker cover or a special finish.

Just ask us if you’re not sure which format is best for you or if you are looking for something different.  We’d love to work on your bespoke projects with you.

Booklet Sizes:

Your booklets can be printed in practically any size, but the most economical sizes, when bound and cut, are:

  • 1/3rd A4 or DL (210mm x 99mm)
  • A5 (148.5mm x 210mm)
  • 210x210mm square
  • A4 (297mm x 210mm) – now available in landscape

Long-Edge Printing – A4 Landscape and multi-fold menus:

With our specialist long-edge printers we print onto both sides of sheets of paper up to 120cm long by 33cm high. This is bigger than laying five A4 pages side-by-side, and much longer than two A3 pages placed end-to-end.

This increased page size means multi-page A4 landscape booklets can be printed with brilliant resolution.

The possibilities for new designs don’t stop there.  Combining the new large paper sizes with the Digital Creaser (for multiple scores and creases) it’s easy to create any quantity of spectacular concertina-style booklets and multi-page fold out leaflets.


Booklet Binding:

Your booklet can be bound in the following ways:


Stapled / Saddle Stitched Brochures

Approx. 8 to 40 pages

Just like a magazine these brochures are ‘stapled’ along the spine (or stitched with metal)

Perfect for manuals, newsletters, catalogues and programmes.

When designing your booklet, the total number of pages needs to be divisible by four.

Folded brochures

  • 4, 6 and 8 pages
  • A great solution for menus, newsletters and information brochures

Perfect bound

  • Approx. 20 to 240 pages
  • The edges of the paper are glued together and the cover added
  • The glued edge will be hidden in the spine, just like a paper-back book.


If you are interested in perfect bound brochures/books then please contact your nearest Hobs Branch to discuss how your artwork needs to be created.


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