Document Scanning Services

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We provide a flexible document scanning service delivering on fast turnaround deadlines and highly confidential documents.  Leveraging our expertise we provide services to match all of your scanning requirements from single files to large volume archiving to specialist litigation support.

Our document scanning solutions range from basic conversion of hard copy originals to digital files through to fully searchable databases and digital mailrooms.  Our team provides a comprehensive document scanning service where fully searchable databases include indexing, archiving and de-skewing features.

Our team can analyse your needs then develop, design and implement a bespoke document control system that increases efficiency and streamlines internal processes.

We have a dedicated scanning facility at Hobs Exchange – please get in touch for more information.


Scanning to file or document scanning is our simplest package where your hard copies are scanned and converted to digital versions.  It’s a cost-effective, portable, user-friendly, timely and environmentally friendly solution.

Files can be copied onto shared drives for access by more than one person or we can create multiple copies on disk for delivery of final documents to other parties. We can also customise disks and cases with your corporate brand, colours and contact details, providing you with a branding and cross-selling opportunity.

All our scanning procedures conform to British Standards BIP0008, BIP0009, PD0010 – the legal admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically. This covers all electronically stored information under the Civil Evidence and Criminal Justice Acts and fulfills the requirements of Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise and Companies House.


  • Reduced admin time & costs
  • Instant retrieval of information
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved information management & distribution
  • Up-to-date documents


Hobs can scan and archive all your documentation including reports, brochures or correspondence. Your documents can be scanned into PDF, JPEG or TIFF files. These images are then placed into a retrieval database for simple searching facilities. We can scan in black and white, colour or even mixed batches of documents, up to A3 size.


For our scan and print service, please see our Reprographics section.


Save on hard copy storage space and admin overheads through electronic data management. Your documents are instantly available for searching and retrieval for improved customer service.

Click here to see all our digital archiving solutions or call our dedicated scanning facility called Hobs Exchange.

Hobs also offer a CD and DVD duplication and printing service for your archive disks.


Why waste time looking for drawings in plan file drawers or hanging from cabinets?

We can scan your drawings or just about anything and supply the files in your format of choice, the most popular being TIFF, PDF or JPEG files. These images are then placed onto a retrieval database with simple searching facilities.


Once a drawing is scanned from a raster (dot format), it can then be vectorised giving you either a DXF or DWG file, which can then be imported into your CAD package or saved into collaboration software like our own Hobsshare.


With a combination of archive storage and document scanning services, our ‘Scan On Demand’ service provides the ability to store documents off-site with fast digital retrievals.

‘Scan On Demand’ enables you to store business critical information in a secure location without the pressures of using lucrative office space. You can have documents retrieved, scanned and accessible via our secure client web portal.

Requests for documents are managed by our intuitive web-based interface which provides you with the ability to print, email or share your scanned documents without limitations, saving time and money.


Anexsys, part of the Hobs Group, has advanced scanning facilities to meet the entire document imaging needs of our legal clients, including 100% quality check.

Our Optical Character Recognition service (OCR) provides a high quality first pass OCR service.  It features a multi-language option including the OCR of Arabic documents.  We can OCR scan up to 10,000 pages per hour, in virtually any language.  We probably scan more documents than any other litigation support provider in Europe.

Every image is run through visual and automated checks in our stringent Image Quality Assurance Procedure, guaranteeing 100% quality assurance

We can produce single or multi-page TIFFs, PDFs (with or without hidden text), JPEGs or Bitmaps for any image retrieval system. Branding and redaction of images is also available.