Digital Mailroom

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Digital Mailroom or ‘Scan to Workflow’

The majority of business communications today still remain in paper format; however, traditional mailroom processes are slow, inefficient and dominated by paper documents.

Our Digital Mailroom services replace your mailroom with a virtual mailroom as we convert incoming mail into a digital format.

How does a Digital Mailroom work?

Digital Mailrooms automatically capture and classify all information entering your organisation. Your post is delivered to us, and we scan and code it, before directing it electronically (for example as an e-mail) to the correct recipient, or directly into your business systems.

This Digital Mailroom can save on costs but particularly drives efficiencies, whilst improving processes throughout your business by providing tracking and auditing functionality.

Can the digital mailroom link with my business systems?

Yes! Further efficiencies can be made by integrating the digital mailroom directly into your ‘backend workflow solution’, whether you operate an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

For example, all your accounts payable invoices can be electronically routed for approval, enquires delivered quickly to your sales team and payment notices to your accounts payable team; we can even bank all your cheques for you and report these actions to your finance team.

A Digital Mailroom provides these key benefits:

  • Transparency of Pipe-line

Digital mailrooms provide a dashboard or audit trail of where your documents are, and also where they are being held up.  Where post is important to your business (such as orders, or forms) digitising your incoming post means it moves through your business quicker and so you’re earning money from it quicker.

  • Reduction of Operational Overheads

Digital mailrooms eliminate the circulation of physical post; the components include scanning, importing, electronic filing and Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD). Together they ensure consistent processing of your business critical information.

  • Increased Efficiency

Through automation and the use of intelligent classification technology, the delivery process removes all risk of lost documents.   Automation also drives efficiency by routing digital mail to the relevant individual or department in a fraction of the time that a manual process would take.

  • Streamline Operations

Business rules are easily embedded into the workflow engine and key documents can be automatically routed throughout the organisation, escalating for approval and authorisation, where necessary.

  • Return on Investment

With all of the above key benefits, Hobs has a proven ability to deliver immediate business efficiencies and a return on investment within the first 12 months.