Site Hoardings & Site Signage

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Say something BIG with External Printed Site Hoardings

Hobs are a specialist supplier to the AEC sector and Printed Building Site Hoardings, Printed Hoarding Panels, Site Boards and Site Signage are no exception!   In fact, we’ve designed, printed and installed Building Site Hoardings across the UK.

Organised in a matter of days following a survey or receipt of your site plan, we can manage your site hoarding project from start to finish:

  • Our Graphic Design team can perfectly brand your space
  • We can create photo-realistic visualisations from your 2D or 3D drawings
  • We print all our External Site Hoardings in house
  • Our own team will install the boards

Materials for Site Hoardings

We offer a wide range of materials that are suitable for differing applications. All our Site Advertising Hoardings are printed at photographic quality using the latest technology. We only use warranted materials to create site hoardings that are waterproof and won’t fade.

Signage Projects and Installation

Here at Hobs we understand the importance of working quickly, quietly and effectively in busy environments.  As well as an incredible range of products suitable for every situation, Hobs is proud to offer a fantastic value-added service, which includes:

  • A specific design and project management team
  • Branding advice to facilitate communication with your stake holders
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to cover maintenance and replacement for damage and graffiti
  • Work scheduled around you, causing minimum interruption

Curved and shaped signage

We have invested in the world leading flat-bed digital cutter/router. This precision tool, designed for the engineering sector, can cut, crease or route solid sheet substrates up to a maximum thickness of 20mm and is precise to +/- one micron over the entire 3.0 metre cutting bed.  With this incredibly precise and reliable technology you are no longer confined to straight edges, so let your imagination take shape!

Printed Site Signage

With the latest high-quality equipment at our fingertips, Hobs offer you the whole range of services for your Hoardings, signage and display graphics, from on-demand one-off signs to full site branding, design and fulfilment. We have the flexibility and creative flair to provide you with the total solution.

Hobs has the solution whether you need temporary or permanent signage, wall coverings, reception displays, and window graphics, to name a few.

Hobs signage solutions enable you too:

  • Enhance your environment in a cost-effective manner
  • Promote your brand in a professional and effective manner
  • Celebrate and communicate your achievements
  • Motivate your clients, guests, students, and colleagues
  • Organise and increase safety in your environment

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On-Demand (Quick) Signage

We have a number of options that can be used for signage.  The two main options are:

Foam Board (or Foam Core) is a very strong lightweight material used for mounting photos, artwork or anything else.  An inner layer of polystyrene is clad with white clay-coated paper.

Foamex (or PVC board) is rigid and lightweight.  This foamed PVC has a silky matt surface and is ideal for exhibition panels, high quality signage and wall mounts.

Educational Signage

We have been developing our understanding of the education sector since 1969.  More recently, we have developed particular expertise in working with Free Schools, Academies, Studio Schools, University Technical Colleges (UTC’s) and Universities.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with being a newly established education provider or being in a new estate.

For temporary environments or decant situations we can help you make the most out of your interim space with bespoke modular solutions that you can even transfer to your new location.

We pride ourselves in offering a value-added service, which includes:

  • On-demand solutions for one-off events like exhibitions and banners to celebrate success
  • Work scheduled around your time-table, causing minimum interruption
  • An education specific project management team
  • Branding advice to facilitate communication with students, parents and other stake holders
  • Mentoring, placement and work opportunities to students
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) cover maintenance and replacement for damage and graffiti


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