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In addition to design for print, Hobs has become a specialist in digital, interactive apps and presentations. We apply the same creative process to deliver striking, user-friendly content that is optimised for tablets and PCs.

Many of the UK’s biggest names in AEC trust us to consistently deliver beautiful, compelling interactive content to supplement a larger project, or increasingly, as a standalone digital-only submission.

Our digital designers can help you plan, develop and deliver something as straightforward as a presentation with pop-up interactivity or as complex and logistically challenging as a complete tender submission with video/fly-through animation and even a fully-integrated virtual or augmented reality component.

Design for mobile digital devices has its own special set of challenges and we carefully consider how content needs to look and work in this unique context. We think about how content is absorbed by the user and how they interact with a document that is presented within a finite amount of real estate.

We are also continually exploring new ways to optimise our workflow process to deliver on time, within budget and to a very high standard of design and usability.

If you would like to know more about how Hobs can help you deliver outstanding visuals and engaging content in a digital format, then please contact us.