Hoarding Made from Tri-Wall: World’s Strongest Cardboard.

Hoarding Made from Tri-Wall: World’s Strongest Cardboard.

Thinktank is an award-winning science museum in Birmingham, housed in the impressive Millennium Point building.

Due to some essential building work, Millennium Point needed to temporarily close off parts of its public areas, requiring an internal hoarding.  The area had to be cordoned off safely as the museum attracts a high level of visitors, but the team wanted to make the site as attractive as possible.

The site is managed by ADI Group, a multidisciplinary engineering company who approached Hobs to help create the hoarding that needed to meet Millennium Point’s aims of exploring ideas and innovation, whilst striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

David Beebee, Managing Director at ADI Group said: “We were very happy to have worked with Hobs Repro on the project. After approaching them to help us create the hoarding, they suggested using Tri-Wall. Both incredibly strong and environmentally friendly, the material was ideal for use on the project; and as it could be printed in sheets, they were able to print the design straight onto the cardboard.”

Prior to this, Hobs had been working with Gator Duct, a company specialising in creating light-weight ducting for heating and ventilation systems; helping them to add customers branding to their ducting whilst still in flat sheets. To create it’s light-weight ducting, Gator Duct produces Tri-Wall – the strongest corrugated cardboard ever made.

Tri-Wall comes from managed forests where for each tree chopped down, two new trees are planted, protecting both the forests and timber supplies for future generations.

Thanks to Tri-Wall’s considerably inherent insulation properties, the transmission of sound and heat is reduced compared to traditional internal hoarding materials.

Using Tri-Wall in an innovative new way, Hobs Repro successfully printed a 4-metre-high, 22-metre-long internal hoarding in full colour that perfectly matched Millennium Point’s brief.

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