3D Printer for King’s College London Courtesy Of Hobs Repro

3D Printer for King’s College London Courtesy Of Hobs Repro

A brand new Cube X 3D printer, from Hobs Repro, will be put to good use by the Estates department at King’s College London. Ian Caldwell, Director of Estates & Facilities at King’s, won the 3D printer, worth £1,500, in a prize draw at the Hobs Repro stand at the recent Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace.

Ian Caldwell comments, ‘We are absolutely delighted to have won the Cube X printer. We have five campuses in the heart of London, so the 3D printer will be an invaluable aid in space planning and management at the university. We undertake some 3D CAD imaging, for example when refurbishing existing buildings, and being able to produce 3D models will help people to visualise what a new space will look like.’

Michelle Greeff, 3D Print Manager for Hobs Repro, says, ‘We are really pleased that King’s has won this amazing 3D printer and are sure they are going to benefit from being able to produce 3D models of their buildings quickly and easily.’

Cube X printers are sold by 3D print specialists Hobs Repro. Hobs also has the capability to print large and complex 3D models for a variety of clients, ranging from architects, to jewellery makers, boat designers and builders, as well as dental and medical industries. Visit www.HobsStudio.com for more info.