The speediest content management system

The speediest content management system

Hobs Repro are extremely proud to announce that they have joined hands with Qvidian, the leading provider of cloud-based content management and proposal automation software.

The partnership is the first of its kind for Qvidian in Europe and will bring greater automation solutions to the fields of printing, content creation and graphic design as Hobs Repro adopts Qvidian’s innovative bid and tender technology as an extension to its own core services.

James Duckenfield, Hobs Group CEO commented: “Qvidian’s value is obvious. It provides an intelligent library to help repurpose content for bids rather than reinventing the wheel, a method of distributing questions to the team and managing their responses, as well as document composition technology to recombine everyone’s contributions.

Having been involved in many major bids in the past, this brings a machine gun to a fist fight – improving efficiency, quality and hence both the number of opportunities that can be pursued and win rates. We’re very excited to be taking it to the UK market.”

The partnership marks the first time Qvidian and Hobs have worked together, following many years’ operating alongside one another as leading organisations. The new partnership will support both new and existing customers in delivering even greater results through the combination of services that are already very successful.

Lewis Miller, Qvidian CEO had this to say about the partnership: “We’re very pleased to announce this valuable partnership between Qvidian and Hobs Repro. Taking Hobs on as a value-added partner strengthens both Qvidian and Hobs’ positions in the European market and will help a broad spectrum of customers to do better business through bid and tender management and automation.”

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