Everything you do is digital, so why not digital mail too?

Everything you do is digital, so why not digital mail too?

Despite living in the Digital Age, we are all still receiving thousands of pieces of paper mail on a daily basis, and handling it with archaic technology. It’s like a virus, slowly and silently draining money, time and energy from your business.

“Exaggeration” you say? Think about the average corporate mailroom. Physical paper mail comes through the door, where people sort it into cubbyholes. Then, they put sorted mail into a cart, and walk around to deliver it by hand. In larger organizations, there are multiple mailrooms with even more sorting to be done, plus interoffice mail – routed and redelivered whilst still on paper.

All this before the mail even reaches its first delivery destination. Afterwards, depending on its content, it may be; opened, resorted, repacked, copied, scanned, redelivered by interoffice mail, and even reprinted at some remote destination!

At Hobs Exchange our Digital Mail Room services replace your traditional mailroom with a virtual mailroom, where we convert incoming mail into digital mail.

We enable our clients to streamline their operations, increase response times, improve their controls and compliance – as well as save a huge amount of money! We’re already helping one of the UKs leading Legal & Financial companies.

If you think a Digital Mail Room could help you, be sure to get in touch with Hobs Exchange today, or contact our Branch Manager: neil.tully@hobs.com