Banner Stands go international


A leading international building designer and consultancy firm were running a very important event for one of their clients.  Unusually this event was to be simultaneously presented in three locations across three different time zones.

Initially the London office contacted Hobs for five pull-up banners for the London presentation, but to ensure continuity of the events asked if it was possible to have a further two sets of the banners; one set to be deliver to New York and one set to Hong Kong.

The banners had to be 1000mm wide and there were concerns that any glue/adhesive used in the stand would not stand up to the temperatures of an international flight and the final locations.

Key Challenges

  • Ability to withstand warm, humid conditions
  • A study base unit for transportation
  • Quickly producing the sets for international delivery


To avoid any concerns about temperature the, pull-up banners needed to be produced on a base that did not only rely on adhesive or glue to apply the graphic to the frame.  The stand chosen was the Orient stand as this enabled the graphic to be secured to the frame with both Screws and Velcro.  This stand also has two adjustable feet to ensure the graphic is stood perfectly straight on uneven floors.

Rather than printing and laminating the graphics as normal, a ‘Roland’ solvent printer was used to print onto a material called ‘hydrosol textured lightblock’.  This does not require sealing once printed before going into the banner stand base.

Due to the tight deadlines for the shipping and the total time to print estimated at 11 hours, the printing was completed overnight and the graphics were trimmed down and inserted into the stand in the morning.

The Result

The events were a great success and the organisers were over the moon with the banner stands.  They were particularly pleased to find a solution to the adhesive issue and being able to hit the shipping deadlines.

“The feedback about all the events has been excellent and the banners were great; we’ll be using them for future events too.  Thanks again for being so responsive!”