Larger Page Sizes Available for Everyone!

Larger Page Sizes Available for Everyone!

Hobs Repro has invested in a new range of printers to give everyone access to larger page sizes, with the same incredible print resolution that you’ve come to know Hobs for.  This means that Hobs can now produce luxurious, on demand, large photo-books, along with some intriguing new A3 Booklets, multi-fold menus and concertina style printed pieces.

Most commonly, paper and printers use standard sizes like A3 and A4. Making booklets means folding these sizes in half, so traditionally multi-page books are A4 Portrait, A5 or 20cm square.

Rolls of paper can be used on larger machines but these are often slower, lower resolution, and the paper has a tendency to curl.  It’s also challenging to print on both sides accurately.

Using traditional Litho printing presses is another option but has high set-up costs and requires large volumes which are not always required.

To break away from these constraints, Hobs have invested in new digital press equipment which allows printing onto both sides of sheets of paper up to 120cm long by 33cm high. This is bigger than laying five A4 pages side-by-side, and much longer than two A3 pages placed end-to-end.

These larger page sizes means that Hobs can now offer multipage A4 and A3 booklets in landscape styles with brilliant colour range and resolution in the final print (1200 x 1200 dpi 8-bit equivalent to 3600dpi continued quality) using new polymerised toners.

The possibilities for new designs don’t stop there.  Combining the new large paper sizes with Digital Creaser, for multiple scores and creases, and it’s easy to create any quantity of spectacular menus, concertina booklets and multi-page fold out leaflets.


In Hobs Edinburgh the new equipment has been used to meet the very demanding standards required within the renewable energy sector; scale panoramic photomontage books have been produced in just 24 hours, saving days on submission deadlines. These photo montage books were printed onto both sides of 170gsm paper.

In Hobs Liverpool the new options have been impressing bar owners and restaurant chefs who have been creating multi-fold menus for their establishments.  These menus were printed onto a 300gsm paper then laminated to protect against spills, taking the final menus to around 350gsm.