“You’re hired!”

“You’re hired!”

Hobs is investing in the local communities it serves, as four new young apprentices have been recruited for the new academic year and have now started their 2-year training-at-work programme.


young apprentices

The apprenticeships are officially in ‘Design’ but the new recruits will get a much wider knowledge base whilst working at Hobs as they will also look at the practical aspects of turning the designs into real printed objects.

Craig Horwood, Managing Director for Hobs Reprographics explains “It is one thing to design something which looks great on screen, but when you come to physically print and make the items there are lots of tricks and skills you need to learn so you can include these in the design and get the very best finished item.  We need more people with the latest skills, and the apprentices want to learn these skills; having apprentices within Hobs really is a win-win situation.”

Hobs will be sharing its in-depth knowledge of the latest printing and design methods being used, especially in the area of bespoke printing where a design might include a fully printed box presenting an iPad, memory stick, 3D printed model or samples of the actual construction materials.