Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Supply Chain Charter

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Supply Chain Charter

As our relationships with those working in the nuclear industry continues to grow, Hobs Reprographics has signed up to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Supply Chain Charter (NDA).  This is a symbol of our commitment to those working in and supplying services to this sector.

The UK’s 19 sites are the responsibility of seven Site Licence Companies (SLCs) who manage the day-to-day operations.  The charter is a simple set of principles that are important to the NDA and the Site Licence Companies. The NDA signs up suppliers who commit to these same values.

Amongst many other things, the Supply Chain Charter helps:

  • To foster good working relations where all levels of the supply chain are ‘good clients’ and treat each other openly, fairly and without bias
  • Maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity and where constructive two-way feedback is encouraged
  • Apply rigorous health, safety, security and environmental protection standards.
  • Improve planning and performance through all tiers of the supply chain supporting the NDA estate.

The NDA and Site Licence Companies worked together to formulate the charter which arose out of a new strategy adopted in May 2009 where feedback indicated improvements were desirable at the Tier 2, 3 and 4 levels of the supply chain.

Hobs Reprographics will also be supporting the upcoming Decom Supply Chain event on 4th November in Manchester.