Young Apprentices, You’re Hired! – Hobs Repro

Young Apprentices, You’re Hired! – Hobs Repro

Hobs Bristol is investing in its local community by taking on three new young apprentices on a 2-year training-at-work programme.

The apprenticeships might officially be in ‘Design’ but the new recruits will get a much wider knowledge base whilst working at Hobs. They’ll receive in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the new printing and design methods that are being used by Hobs, especially in the area of bespoke printing.

Business Director Brad Flook explains. “All three apprentices will be focused on graphic design, but will also be taught how the various parts of the printing business works. It’s one thing to design something which looks great on screen, but when you come to physically print and make the items there are lots of tricks and skills you need to know to get the best design.”

This is particularly the case when making one off bespoke pieces, which are frequently used for luxury bids and when submitting tender applications. These might include a design where a fully printed box presents a memory stick, ipad, 3D printed model or samples of the actual construction materials.

The new additions to the team are really soaking up what they are being taught according to Brad “They’re new to Hobs and to printing as well; they have no predetermined ideas about how a traditional printing company operates, which is great as Hobs isn’t a traditional printer! They just accept that our modern services, like 3D printing and ipad app creation, just fit into our mix of services, which is exactly how it should be!”

Speaking on behalf of the group, Ricky said “We are all learning so much. It’s challenging with so many different areas and skills to pick up, but its great fun to see a project from design through to the finished thing, especially when the client loves it too!”