Document Version Tracking for Eco2

Document Version Tracking for Eco2

Eco2 specialise in initiating, developing, financing and operating renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Europe.  These projects are technically complex and involve a lot of stakeholders.

When starting new projects, Eco2 have a rigorous financing process where huge quantities of information needs to be shared with potential funders.  Eco2 wanted to find a way to facilitate and control this flow of information, to ensure people had what they needed, but without giving access to files that were not needed.  They also needed to ensure people had the latest iteration of the information.

They approached Hobs with the need to be able to share their information quickly and securely, keep accurate records of what information has been shared and monitor the current status of working documents.  The solution would need to be easy for funders to use and be scalable across many projects.

Hobs is the UK’s biggest supplier of Autodesk Buzzsaw software and this was suggested as a solution as it would allow Eco2 to create electronic ‘data-rooms’ for its projects.

Karen Algate from Eco2 is delighted with the solution. “Buzzsaw, from Hobs Studio, has given us a clearer, more professional funding process with fewer queries on the source of information.  Document versions are tracked with ease which smooth’s the negotiation process and prevents duplicate documents being worked on concurrently.”

The project documentation was added into the data-rooms and access granted to those requiring it, via a link.  Documentation can easily be downloaded by funders for review and Buzzsaw automatically keeps a record of who has downloaded which documents.  The software also keeps track of document versions if changes are made to any documents.  This provides the ability to look back at the history of how a document has changed.

As well as helping stakeholders, Buzzsaw is also helping Eco2’s team. Karen adds “Advisors to the funders can be provided with access to the specific part of the project they are instructed on, preventing other project information from being disseminated too widely in the market and protecting Eco2’s interests.  We’re delighted with both the software and the support service from Hobs.”

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