Highly detailed, accurate and cost-effective prototypes and architectural models.
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A 24-hour turnaround service with the latest in 3D print technology.
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Plan Printing: we’ve proud to maintain our leading service.
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Construction & Bid Innovations

Supporting the Architectural, Engineer and Construction sectors throughout your project with Construction & Bid Innovations including Printing, 3D Services and more!

We’re experts in construction and bid innovations including winning bid and tender box printing, plan printing and site hoardings. We supply all the consumables you need for the design office and site office, including ink cartridges, cutting mats, coffee and our own range of rolls of plan paper. Hobs has the vital knowledge and experience of working with architectural, engineering and construction industries since 1969.

To get an overview of all our specialist printing and 3D digital services by project stage, watch our video introduction here.

We’re here to ensure you can access the most innovative print and digital solutions. Our aim is to help you win more bids and then support you through the construction process.

We are committed to supporting you throughout the lifetime of your project, whatever stage you are at. Hobs Reprographics also have some innovative marketing solutions, whatever phase of construction you are at.

CAD Plan Printing:

Whether you need A3 elevations or A1 section drawings printed, we are truly the experts. We were founded in construction and architectural plan printing and now we use the latest technology and our nationwide couriers to meet your needs whether on-site or in the office. See our plan printing page for more information.

Proposal Management

We have a dedicated bid and tender support team who can work as part of your organisation at every stage of the process. Our experts can help with every aspect of your submission, from bid management, to copywriting, to design.

Site hoardings and Site Signage:

Indoor or outdoor, for branding, wayfinding or safety, we have got it nailed! We combine various types of printing, with vinyl cutting and etching, and our graphic design skills to create a universe of stunning site hoardings and site signage.

Our innovative 3D Digital Construction solutions:

Hobs 3D brings together all our Construction related 3D and digital technologies in one place.  We are in a unique position to deliver a whole new realm of digital solutions:

  • 3D Printing – We use the latest rapid prototyping technology to 3D print accurate, colour and detailed scaled models in a durable material within 24 hours.
  • CGI’s (3D Visualisation) – 2D CAD drawings are transformed into accurate, photo-realistic images, enabling people to see what you envisage.
  • Virtual Reality – VR creates an artificial environment which reacts to the user as they explore – just like it’s a real environment.
  • Animations – Bringing your project to life, your clients can move around or fly through your project design.
  • 3D Modelling – we can create or convert digital files, and then refine them for use in all our 3D services.
  • Model Making – Highly detailed, accurate and cost effective architectural models, combining hand-crafted artistry with 3D printing.
  • Augmented Reality – AR lays computer-generated rendered images, animations, text and even sound onto real-world images in real time.

To visit the dedicated Hobs 3D website click here: hobs3D.com