Secure Copying / Reprographics

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Hobs is experienced with secure copying of sensitive, fragile and oversized documents.

Confidentiality and security is key and Hobs embraces these important features in our secure copying / reprographics services.

We understand that your documents are unique and their reproduction requires accuracy and quality.  Whether it’s deeds, land registry documents, photographs or heirlooms, we’ll keep your original documents safe whilst we reproduce them, creating new copies to meet your requirements.

Secure copying services including:

  • Photocopying – Black and White or Full Colour
  • Large Document Photocopying – Black and White or Colour
  • Re-construction of originals
  • Binding and finishing

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Legal Document Copying / Reprographics

Anexsys, part of the Hobs Group, provides a specialist digital printing and photocopying services to legal clients.  Our highly skilled team have a specialised experience and knowledge of the print industry, with particular focus on the Legal market, facilitating jobs of any size from run through to glasswork all on high demand and at peak times.

Legal Document Reprographics Capabilities:

  • 24/7 Operation
  • Digital Printing and Copying – A5 to A3 – Black&White and Colour
  • Large Document Digital Printing and Copying – A2 to A0 – Black&White and Colour
  • Various Binding and Finishing Services
  • Pagination and Labeling
  • Document Destruction

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