Digital Foiling

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Enhance your prints with a luxurious metallic sheen.

Sometimes the simplest detail can have a huge impact! The right kind of high-quality finishing can make all the difference to how your work is perceived.

Digital Foiling is a great option to add some creative lustre to your design! We’ve loved seeing the different ways businesses have incorporated this luxury finish into their branding, marketing and presentation materials.

We offer a range of different coloured foils from classic silver and gold, to current trends like bronze, rose gold, green and pink. For those who aren’t quite sure whether adding foil is for them, we also offer clear ‘foil’ that adds texture and detail to otherwise simple designs, in a similar way to the traditional ‘Spot UV’.

Our digital foiling is more cost-effective than foil blocking, especially for small quantities, as you don’t have to make a ‘block’; one-off foiled items are suddenly a lot more affordable.

If you’d like to more about our foiling options, don’t hesitate to contact your local Hobs Reprographics branch.

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