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Developed by Anexsys, part of the Hobs Group; Hobshare is an ultra-modern document management system which helps to speed up the retrieval of relevant content

Hobshare Features include:


Hobshare Amazon-style search features, include instant search suggestions and simple search filtering which speed up the retrieval of relevant content.

Smart folders facilitate content discovery by grouping files based on what they are, rather than where they’re stored. Mobile access and integration with productivity applications, ensure you can work from anywhere using familiar devices and interfaces.



Multiple layers of access permissions—for sites, folders and files—control who can view, modify and delete documents.

Folder rules trigger automated actions for repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on more important activities. There is a history log for all users and content is available for review.



Enterprise-grade security controls, along with integrated records management capabilities, protect valuable business content at every stage of its life.

Document versioning, including full roll-back functionality, simplifies document tracking and protects file integrity. Simple, automated records management strengthens and demonstrates compliance with information governance policies for the entire document life-cycle.



Storage starts at under 1 GB and can be expanded to over 5 TBs. Additional storage can be added at any point throughout a projects life-cycle.



The tool can be used to have customisable branding. Colours and logos can be added in, and the home interface can be adapted based on your requirements.



Records may be placed in a hold (archiving) stage or destroyed. If records are to be destroyed, they are permanently destroyed so that all information, metadata and physical trace is removed and cannot be recovered. Retention periods can be pre-configured on a per project basis.



Data can be held in an offline state, whereby users are unable to access the data, but a backup is available to be brought online should it ever be needed again. Alternatively, data can be placed on a storage device and be in the care of the end client.


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Want a copy of this information? Download our Hobshare document.