BIM Adoption Services

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Managing project information has evolved from traditional 2D document co-ordination into the 3D world and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Hobs have been managing the flow of construction data since 1969.

We firmly believe that we are in a position to provide the products and services required by companies delivering on construction projects.  Our straight-forward and cost-efficient manner helps you take advantage of this evolving process. We also understand that embracing BIM (Building Information Modelling) can appear a daunting task, however, we feel that our approach cuts through this to provide the benefits and value that BIM can provide to the whole construction / building ownership cycle.

Embracing BIM involves a high degree of interaction with all parties involved. Our fixed-cost / credits based schemes provide a degree of cost certainty as you move through the delivery phases.

As an Autodesk Gold Partner we also offer a range of BIM software suites and licencing options to spread the cost over your project.

BIM delivers a number of significant advantages to organisations, however it does require strong commitment to drive through some of the changes that may be required.

These changes can vary in the time they take to adopt, and we have found that drawing upon available credits to meet the challenges that occur is the most effective way of managing your investment during this process.


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