Document Storage

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We offer a range of archive storage solutions to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Our service caters for your archive boxes, company files and business documentation, safely and securely allowing instant access.

Every box and file is bar coded and indexed and can be tracked throughout our warehouse in an instant.  This provides you with complete peace of mind in our capability to ensure 24-hour access to your information as standard.

Digital Archiving

As well as storing your original files, we also offer a range of Digital Archiving solutions where your archives are scanned, which allows digital copies to be retrieved instantly.

On-line document storage with OpCenter

As more and more documents are created digitally, we offer various tools to help with this work-flow.  OpCenter is our online document solution.  It’s a cost-effective way to collaborate on all your documents, automate approvals and make sure you always have the latest file versions to hand, wherever you are.

If you need a robust project collaboration tool, tracked document storage, document distribution tools or a secure digital vault, you will welcome OpCente – our cloud-based document storage platform.