BIM Consultancy

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Building on our wealth of experience in document control procedures and protocols.

Our BIM (Building Information Modelling) Guardians provide the personnel link required to bring together the information needed to deliver the benefits of the BIM processes through design, construction and maintenance.

How can Hobs help?

Our understanding of both document control procedures and BIM methodologies has transformed the Hobs Group into a leading organisation for professional BIM implementation and on-going development.

We can provide personnel to your workplace to oversee the management of the 3D BIM model from original design inception through to delivery as part of the post construction Operation and Maintenance (O&M) package.

Our position as an Autodesk Gold Partner and the largest independent reseller of Autodesk’s collaboration system Buzzsaw has allowed us to work closely with Autodesk to familiarise our consultants with the key BIM tools in use within the construction industry.

We are different because we supply a comprehensive, professional document control solution.  We can evaluate your current procedures, clarify specific document control guidelines and advise where appropriate.  We supply solutions, not just staff.

Our cover and support staff are not mere ‘temps’ but professional full-time employees who will be fully versed in your specific document control procedures.

We also make it a priority to investigate developments in the architectural, engineering and construction industries; we tailor our group training and development programmes to allow the teams to do their jobs better.

Today, that means training our staff in the principles and key applications of the BIM methodology.


See for more details on all our 3D and digital services for the construction sector.


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